Sea to Sky & Whistler Tour

Revel in the scenic stops and enjoy the variety of activities Dominion Tours’ Sea to Sky & Whistler Tour has to offer. Our Spanish-speaking guides will guide through a scenic drive to our first stop at Shannon Falls and then ascend the mountain in a Gondola. This 10-hour guided tour will allow you to witness the coast along the Sea to Sky Highway and explore the alpine resort of Whistler Village. Our Sea to Sky & Whistler Tour offers a combination of extraordinary views and diverse activities available for you to explore at your leisure.

Sea to Sky Highway

Considered one of the most spectacular scenic roads in Canada, Highway 99, or more famously known as the Sea to Sky Highway, offers you a chance to witness the charm of the Canadian coast with its fjords and grand mountains.

Scenic Landscape

Every step on the Sea to Sky Tour offers the most memorable views, from the base of coastal highway to the top of the mountain, you will witness nature’s portrait at all angles.

Winter and Summer activities

Host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler Village attracts out-door enthusiast around the world who come to experience the abundance of seasonal activities this sport-centered resort has to offer all year round.


Offering the perfect route for animal lovers, this tour dives deep into the wilderness where you may have the opportunity to spot deer, eagles, and possibly the notorious Canadian black bear.

Program (10 h)

Our Sea to Sky & Whistler Tour begins by crossing the Lions Gate Bridge onto the scenic Sea to Sky Highway. En route towards Whistler, we will make our first stop to see the famous Shannon Falls and witness a cascading drop from a height of 335 meters. Shortly after we will ascend a mountain on a Gondola and revel over the views of the fjord and coastal mountains. We will continue our tour towards Canada’s famous ski capital, where you will be free to explore all the shops and lunch in one of Whistlers delicious restaurants. We will conclude our tour with a final stop at the Brandywine waterfalls before we head back towards Vancouver.

  • 1

    Shannon Falls

    Located in Shannon Falls Provincial Park, Shannon Falls is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia, where the tumbling cascade originates from water from Mount Habrich and Mount Sky Pilot.

  • 2

    Sea to Sky Gondola

    Ascending a mountain 855 meters will take you to top where you can cross The Pilot suspension bridge and walk the scenic trail of the area.

  • 3

    Whistler Village

    This Chalet-style village offers a pedestrian perspective to the lively atmosphere and social culture of Whistler. Stroll the stone walkways, dine on the patios, and explore the many shops this touristic center has to offer.

  • 4

    Brandywine Falls

    Measuring a height of 70 meters, access to this waterfall requires a quick and easy hike on a flat trail where you will have a clear view of the cascade through a viewing platform.

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