Victoria Tour

Experience the lively and historical city of Victoria and enjoy the panoramic views of the strait of Georgia when you embark on the ferry ride towards Vancouver Island. Our Victoria tour in spanish is filled with an abundance of things to do and see, where you’ll be able to explore monumental attractions such as the Hotel Empress and hidden corners such as Fan Tan Alley or Bastion Square. Reserve a full day to adventure through this magical city and create memories you’ll never forget.

Strait of Georgia

The strait of Georgia is a scenic paradise you'll be able to experience on the ferry ride towards Vancouver Island. Along with the beautiful view, you may be able to witness sea otters, seals, and orcas as they curiously pop their heads out of the water.

Vancouver Island

With plentiful cloud cover in the winter and warm, sunny days in the summer, Victoria remains a beautiful city all year round.

Victorian-British Influence

Influenced by early British settlement, Victoria is rich with Victorian and Edwardian-style architecture valuably enriching this modernized city with a historical touch.

Program (12.50 h)

Situated on the south of Vancouver Island, our Victoria Tour in Spanish begins with a ferry ride along the Strait of Georgia towards Vancouver Island where you’ll see a breath-taking view of the coastal landscape and a variety of marine wildlife. Our first stop is the beautiful Butchart Gardens, comprised of 55 acres of gardens overflowing with colourful flora and lush greens. We will then embark on a short drive towards the City of Victoria, where you’ll be able to wander around and visit some of the most emblematic buildings in the areas such as the Hotel Empress and the Provincial Parliament Building and explore cultural areas like Chinatown and Bastion Square

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    Butchart Gardens

    A National historic site in Canada and a popular touristic attraction, The Butchart Gardens contain an impressive collection of colourful flowers and extensive garden exhibitions.

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    An authentic spot filled with cultural and historical Chinese influence. A walk-through Victoria's Chinatown will expose you to the profound history and significance of early Chinese immigration, while admiring the exotic markets and vibrant colours.

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    Historic Downtown

    The Provincial Parliment Building and the Hotel Empress are one of the many historical gems established within Victoria, making this classic center a unique and historically rich destination.

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