North Vancouver Tour

One of B.C.’s most impressive and defining characteristics is its extensive temperate rainforest that overflows with a diverse wildlife. In our North Vancouver Tour in Spanish, you will dive into the woods and explore all the fascinating activity that occurs underneath the canopy. Our friendly guides are prepared to inform you and answer any questions regarding the trajectory of the salmon cycle at the Salmon Hatchery, or the construction of one of the longest suspended bridges in the world. Don’t miss out on the chance to engross yourself with B. C’s natural beauty-best experienced on our North Vancouver tour.

Connect with Nature

B.C's temperate rain forest shelters a diversity of flora and fauna that play an integral part in the forest's sustainability. Get ready to be close to nature and encounter some of the oldest tree giants, hidden trails, and organic wildlife on your journey through North Vancouver

Scenic Landscape

From the top of Grouse Mountain, you will be able to see a clear view of the City of Vancouver and if you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the famous Mount Baker located in the United States.


This tour offers a range of outdoor activities for you to fully immerse yourself in Vancouver's natural environment. Ride the Gondola up the mountain, step on the various suspended bridges, and witness the salmon swim up the cascading river on their annual run.

Program (5 h)

Set on a mountainous range, North Vancouver exhibits all the natural beauty B.C has to offer. The tour begins by crossing the famous Lion’s Gate bridge where we will visit the Salmon Hatchery and learn all about the Salmon’s life cycle and the important role this majestic animal plays in the ecosystem. Take a walk on the wild side as we continue to the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, where you will walk across the Capilano river on a suspended bridge and explore nature from above on the Treetops Adventure. And what better way to end the tour than to travel further up Grouse Mountain on a gondola, and witness the landscape turn into a white wonderland ski resort in the winter and lush forest in the summer.

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    Salmon Hatchery

    Who hasn't heard of Canadian salmon? In the Capilano River, there is a salmon hatchery, Capilano River Hatchery, where you can see a sample of the different varieties of salmon in the region and receive a detailed explanation of their curious journey from birth until they return to their place of origin to spawn.
    * Stop available only from May to October.

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    Capilano Suspension Bridge

    Cross the Capilano River on a giant suspended bridge and get a higher perspective as you walk under the Douglas canopy on 7 linked suspended bridges called the Treetop Adventure

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    Grouse Mountain

    Hop on the gondola that will take you to the peak of Grouse Mountain and admire the breathtaking view of the Vancouver City Landscape. While on the top, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Grizzly bear sanctuary!

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